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I grew up in Buenos Aires, where food and wine are part of our life. In fact we have been immersed in the wine culture for many generations now, I remember the particular smell of sweet juicy Malbec grapes from the demijohns that my parents used to buy when I was a little girl, I will never forget that.

At the age of 17, I already had designed and built the structure of my mother’s business, a handcraft store. I helped her to achieve her economic freedom without depending on my father’s salary. She worked and managed her own successful business until she decided to retire. I was so proud of her, and I wanted the same for me, I always knew that I wanted to follow my own rules.

In Buenos Aires I achieved the university degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management. For over 12 years I’ve been building my career in that field which I love, working in premium hotels in Argentina, United States, and preparing myself for a project that I already had in mind.

In 2014 I came to Queenstown. The idea was to spend a year travelling around New Zealand, the calm before the storm. My last long trip before starting my own business in Argentina, a trip to clear my mind and renew my energies.

But, as I arrived, I fell in love instantly with the beautiful scenery of Central Otago, the mix of the cultures made by the people from all over the world, the small community life, the mountains, the shiny schist stones everywhere, the stunning views of the vineyards and of course their wines. I have been amaze from the first day that I arrived.

In New Zealand everything was new and exciting. I discovered their wines and boutique producers, beautiful human beings, helping each other within a small but promising wine region, with amazing stories to tell.

But actually, it was a trip to Italy later on that changed the course of my life completely, when again, I was in contact with winegrowers, wine lovers, viticulturist and many passionate people making wine in the stunning region of Tuscany. I decided that I wanted to be part of that, the enigmatic world of wine.

So, back in New Zealand I became a certified sommelier and a certified horticulturist and I started to work on the idea of creating something more than just a business, I wanted to create a new and unique experience for the local people and for tourists, here, in Queenstown, where now is my home.

In 2020 I launched ‘Wine Tasting Party.’

‘Wine Tasting Party’ is not just a conventional wine tasting, it is an intimate wine experience, it is a new concept that I’ve designed for unique people like you, where I talk you through some of the finest wines in New Zealand and all over the world.

I’ve designed ‘Wine Tasting Party’ for you to enjoy, have fun and relax in the comfort of your own place with your friends and loved ones whilst you learn intriguing facts about the wine world. I’ve been travelling and following the finest wines around the world, and now I want you to be part of that, I have many stories to tell.

Wine is about celebration, exploring, discovering, traveling and learning. Wine is a story behind every single bottle and is also an incredible journey through history. That’s why I am not just a Sommelier, I am first, a passionate wine lover.


Sandra Rodriguez, Certified Sommelier.


Call me at  +64 21 051 5200

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''What a fun tasting... our host Sandra was great... she went out of his way to made us learn in a super fun way... If you want to taste wine and have fun at the same time... you shouldn’t miss this activity. The best part... in the comfort of your Airbnb! 🍷Cheers to #winetastingparty''
Mariel Gutierrez
''Great service, sommelier Sandra is the best, teaching us about wine history and how to properly taste it in a fun way and easy for everyone to understand. I highly recommend wine tasting party.''
Matias Rodriguez

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