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Wine Tasting / Queenstown

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New Zealand Classic Wine Tasting

We will discover New Zealand through its wines, from the North to the South New Zealand have so much to offer!!

We will taste an amazing selection of 6 fine wines. We will learn about the wine history of this amazing country, and also how to use all your senses to taste like a pro!  

From $130

New Zealand Premium Wine Tasting

We’ll take you on a journey of class, elegance and quality, showcasing the Premium wines of New Zealand.

We will learn the steps of wine tasting and explore the wine regions of New Zealand, the stories behind the bottles and the fascinating beginning of the pioneer boutique wineries of each region.

Central Otago Classic Wine Tasting

Central Otago is the southernmost wine region in the world and home of some of the world’s best Pinot Noir.

Beautiful landscape, extreme climate and unique terroir made Central Otago a perfect site for growing grapes. We will taste a range of 6 wines of great intensity and finesse, and learn how Central Otago became an iconic wine region in New Zealand.

From $130

Central Otago Premium Wine Tasting

Although Central Otago is a wine region where boutique wineries predominate, some producers exceed our expectations and go further, in search of perfection, innovation and quality.

In this wine tasting, we step up and we are going to taste a selection of 6 wonderful and rare wines, while we discover in a very entertaining way the different styles and techniques that makes great wines great.

Old World Wine Tasting

‘Old World’ refers to the classic wine growing regions of Europe.

Winemaking practices (tradition) and regional climate (terroir) greatly affect the taste of wine.

We have designed a very informative and fun tasting to discover the wines of great producers of France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Lebanon and Georgia.

From $130

New World Wine Tasting

‘New World’ refers to any part of the world that was at one point under colonial rule such as South Africa, Argentina, Canada, United States, among others.

Winemakers of the ‘New World’ enjoy the freedom to experiment with grape varieties and styles.

We have made an incredible selection of ‘New World’ wines to delight your palate.

From $130

Old World Vs. New World Wine Tasting

‘The differences between the styles’

 It is very interesting tasting Old World and New World wines side by side. Two different styles, traditions, philosophies, technologies and of course history.

In this tasting, we will discover, learn and taste wines from the classic wine regions and prestigious appellations from both ‘Old and New World’

Fortified Wine Tasting

The fortification of a wine is the addition of neutral spirits during or after fermentation of the wine and is of critical importance, we will discover why.

There is a wide range of styles available each made from different grapes, regions and winemaking techniques. Port, Madeira, and Sherry represent the three great archetypes of fortified wine and while we taste these great wines we will understand the essence of each one.

From $130

Express Wine Tasting

Enjoy similar offerings from our Premium experience but on an express option!

Tastings last one hour and includes some crackers to enjoy with your wines.

Choose from the New Zealand or Central Otago Wine options.

Taylor Made Wine Tasting

Create your own wine tasting!

Special event?

Are you interested in a particular country, region, style or grape variety? We have plenty of ideas for you!

Would you like a truly amazing food and wine pairing experience? The ‘Wine Tasting Party’ can select the perfect wines to match your menu and give you some tips on the basic principles of food and wine pairing.